Inside a Dark Place.


Inside a Dark Place.

Pressure builds in my chest.
Energy erupts inside; air flowing out my nose.
From the light place, nothing happened.
From the darkness, you can feel the aftershock.

In the shadows, this is common.
But, the storm passes and a calm
Stillness remains.

As when one feels the pangs
Of hunger in the depths of a hollow
Belly of the beast, who deprives you
Of nourishment to carry on.

Then, as if for the first time,
You sink your teeth into the
Next available scrap of a meal
Only to tell yourself
You should not eat.

No this is not because
You wish to be beautiful
Not because
The others
Say you should

This is because for you;
To eat is to survive
And for you, to survive
Was always a choice
That was all too hard
To make.

There is comfort in the pain.
To be coddled by something
You have always known
Something you could finally
Rely on.


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