Dear Brooklyn, NY,


Dear Brooklyn, NY,

I will continue to make each and every one of you feel as uncomfortable as possible if I see you toss your trash on my neighborhood like I am living inside of your own personal waste receptacle. Not only are the storm drains completely coated in a layer of decomposing garbage, but also the piles of your litter impose danger upon me as I make my way to and from the subway stop (because I would otherwise never choose to be near your filth and ignorance). The only reason I can imagine that no one littered (to this extent) back home was because it was NOT socially acceptable to just toss your trash as if you truly did not care about the current state of the planet. If I ever openly dropped garbage on the ground not only would my own mother tell me to pick it up and dispose of it properly, but anyone on the street who saw it would probably openly verse me on my wrong doings. Since that is apparently not the way it works here, I will be happy to impose that change. You’re welcome.


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