Shitty Realizations


Maybe you were wrong,
You spoke too soon.
Pretend you knew all along
Nothing could ever get by you

Does it really matter, though?
Whether he stays or if he goes?
When, really, all they do is run.
Let him go, he’s not the one.

But you knew that, you silly girl.
You were never one to be fooled
You’ve seen a little bit of the world
Enough to know when to keep your cool.

Its not like the world can know
The thoughts you think so privately
Unless, of course, you tell them so.
A blog is like a hide-a-key

Don’t take it with more than a grain of sand
The world always feels small in someone else’s hand
But thats not the way its supposed to be, you’ll see
Someday it will become clear, quite blatantly.


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