The Truth


Part of me
always knew
That it probably
should’ve been you
It was
too good to be true
Because it was all a lie.

He played
the part
Off to a
good start
But suddenly I
     L  apart
And the truth finally came out.


To The Troubled Souls:


It wrenches my heart to hear it said
That the mentally ill are sick in the head
When it goes unknown what it is they feel
And whether or not their pain is real

Who can say, with certainty, that
Anything’s real? We’re just a ‘brain in a vat’
Experiencing the world subjectively
Allowing things to pass unexpectedly

There is a notion onto which I cling
That allows for anything you wish to bring
Into existence to finally be seen
By you and whoever else believes.

The world is cold and harsh out there
Bravery is the only mask you can wear
Your scars convey more than they conceal
But their stories are still only yours to reveal

Don’t let them know you without your consent
They will never know truthfully what you meant
When you dragged that blade across your skin
But, please, don’t believe when they say ‘its a sin.’

These actions, you see, are not from your heart
They were not part of you from the start
The pain you inflict is but an expression;
An outward display of your auto-aggression

Know that when you feel displeased
There are other ways to get release
From the clenching hold of condemning words
Trust me, I know how much it hurts.

Then again, don’t trust a single soul
You’ll see that you can’t as you grow old
Everyone hides their true intentions
That’s why I strive for prevention

The Awkward Start


and, um, maybe we could
just for a moment or two
I was wondering if you would
but, please, you don’t have to.

perhaps you might take my hand
and, well, I know its a bit soon
but, eventually you could be my man
and we could lay naked under the moon

shoot, don’t mind my clumsy words
I’m letting my mouth run rapidly
sometimes I lack the grace of “girls”
their empty words spin vapidly

don’t be frightened by my jagged edges
the closer you get; the softer they feel
my walls are built high like overgrown hedges
the sweeter you taste; the more i reveal

I promise I won’t get too close
at least not until you want me to
we can talk about the things we like the most
there’s not a thing in the world i would make you do

you see, its just, not that you asked,
but, i just don’t want to be alone
I’m sorry if I’m taking things way too fast
its been a long time since I’ve felt at home.

and there’s something in the way you talk to me
that brings me to a place inside
where all the best feelings like to be
as I sit back to enjoy the ride…

The Light Inside


The moment when I loved myself the most, was the moment the whole world turned to look at me.
I had spent so very long simply waiting for them all to see
Hoping, naively, that they’d all be accepting
But stares and whispers made way for over-thinking
Turned backs and broken hearts left me wishing
Holding onto the past
Wishing I could go back
So I could know

The moment when I loved myself the most, was when I had to stand up for myself.
No longer did I want them to see a broken little girl –
Someone who feels so alone in this world –
I hoped for a new brand of clarity
To allow me to open their eyes to see
What I had been hiding
All along

The moment when I loved myself the most, was the moment I had to accept myself as I was
There was no more lying or pretending I was more or less
There was no longer anyone around me to impress
I was left on my own to claim my scars
I was knocked down, so I began counting the stars
And when the numbers were fleeting
So, too, was the darkness

The moment when I loved myself the most, was the moment the light ignited inside of me.
I was no longer available to be consumed by the dark
I sought high and low for that which I must embark
On a mission of self-discovery
To locate the real me:
The light inside.

Foolish Banter


So, this is how it works:
You’ll meet and kiss and hug,
He might hold your hand,
But he’ll never show you love.

He might leave you breathless
With the charms of a spoken word,
But don’t let his banter fool you
Or you’ll be left a broken girl.

My dear, I don’t mean to scare you.
In love, there’s so little to hate,
But once the veil’s been pulled
Your heart will begin to break.

When that time comes,
When the world falls apart,
Please, recall my words:
This is no end, but a brand new start.



When the world starts spinning out of control; so, too, does your mind.

Even if you aren’t aware; your thoughts mirror the world you find.

The things you think create the world you see; thought and experience combine.

For the ones we label “crazy,” thoughts and experiences do not always align.

They see a world, in which they function, but we can’t see it from the outside.

There is only one way to communicate between worlds, and that is to be kind.

We are not privy to the knowledge of what the others wish to hide.

We can only extend an offer of something we know we can provide.

And that is to understand, or at the very least, to try.



They say that in those moments, when the earth stops spinning, that you should breathe.

To those who have never been there, to the ends of the earth and back, this advice seems easy to heed.

For those of us who have endured the sinking in the chest from the loss of what you wish to keep,

Sadly, we know all too well that a dagger through the heart feels so very deep.

You can try to swim the bloody water, though, I regret to say you’ll find its easier to sleep.

Dreams are hard to come by, as you toss and turn in bed, getting tangled in the sheets.

We’re harshly reminded of the past through visions of pure bliss we only see in our dreams.

These memories are entangled with the possibilities of tomorrow, projecting pure deceit.

As my eyes slowly open, letting in the light of today, I will keep my misery discrete.

I wouldn’t want to harm them, afraid the sadness falling from my eyes just might seep

Into the very structure of the earth, producing even more sadness for the world to reap.

I retreat inside myself, where a happy little world resides, a place where I create my own reality.

A place where I feel safe enough to finally be just me.